Are NFTs a scam?

  • Many ‘crypto’ and NFT projects have garnered a bad reputation due to the so-called ‘pump and dump’ phenomenon. This happens when sellers and buyers of crypto assets artificially inflate the price of a crypto asset or NFT through ‘hyping’ that project. After the initial hype has passed the project decreases in value, leaving investors empty ‘pocketed’.

  • At DPX, our core goal is to create a community interested in the future of humanity and to work with that community on solving worldwide problems. We are not a pump and dump project, nor are we in the ‘hype’ market. Our NFT tokens are fairly priced to be accessible to all, new or old to the NFT arena, and especially to familiarize newcomers with the potential of NFTs as a medium for creating and transmitting ideas. Our primary goal in setting up the DPX collection is to reach out to and connect with like-minded individuals and to create a future minded, action-oriented community.

Bored Ape #3001 which Justin Bieber bought for 500 ETH ($1.3 million) now worth just $70,000. Credit: Justin Bieber.